Here you will learn all about freshwater biomes!

Want to learn about freshwater biomes and what they're all about? Then you've come to the right place! Maybe you don't know what a freshwater biome is? Freshwater biomes are all bodies of water which, obviously, contain freshwater. These include lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and wetlands. Freshwater biomes also include all the organisms, plants, and animals that live in those bodies of water. (Freshwater Biome, par 1,6,7)


This picture is an example of a freshwater biome in the form of a waterfall.

Location and Climate


This is a map of where the freshwater biomes are located around the world.

In ponds, the annual tempertaure varies. In the summer it can be as cold as 4 degrees Celsius to as warm as 22 degrees Celcius. In the winter it can be between 4 degrees Celcius and 0 degrees Celcius, which is the freezing point (Biomes of the World, par 6). Streams, rivers, and wetlands annual temperatures are too various to have a range.

Animal Life

There are tons of animals in freshwater biomes. In ponds you can find insects, such as dragonflies and mosqitos, found in their larval stage. There are various types of fish including trout, bass, and more. You can also find animals such as turtles and snakes (Freshwater Biome, par 3). In streams and rivers you can find catfish and various types of trout (Freshwater Biome, par 7). In wetlands you can find ducks, snakes, turtles, and more (Freshwater Biome, par 8)


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These are picture of a trout and ducks found in most freshwater biomes.

Freshwater Food Web

Physical Features

 Freshwater is obviously, any water that does not contain salt. And a biome is a community characterized by its plant and animal life (, par 1). The two together create a freshwater biome. A freshwater body of water has to have less then 1% salinity content to be considered freshwater (Freshwater Biome, par 1). Freshwater biomes can be any of the following; ponds and lakes, streams and rivers, and wetlands (Freshwater Biome, par 2,7,8)

Plant Life

The plant life in freshwater biomes can be very diverse depending on the body of water. The plant life can be found in many different parts of the body of water; floating at the top or attached into the ground at the bottom.  Located at the top of most ponds is a film of green algae. You might see cattails sticking out of most ponds along with watercress and various other types of plants. (Mithra, par 1) In wetlands there can be found a lot of plant life. Like ponds, wetlands have cattails but they also have pondlilies, black spruce, and more. (Freshwater Biome, par 8)


This is a picture of a typical cattail plant found in most freshwater biomes.


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The main threat to freshwater biomes is pollution. Runoff is the main purposse for this pollution. Things like fertilizers and waste dumpings get into the freshwater biomes and cause rapid growth of algae. The algae can suffocate all of the other organism living in the water because the algae films the top not letting any sunlight in. Also, the pollution itslef can directly kill any organisms living in the freshwater biomes (World's Biomes, par 7).